BIO PICCoined as “One who speaks the language of a generation”, Curvine’s unique gift has led him to cities and nations, both domestic and abroad, and has paved the way for many to come to know the love and power of Christ in a real and tangible way. Through a visually-dynamic presentation, Curvine’s live concert reaches to every heart in the room. Utilizing motion graphics, current cultural media, and creative typography, the message of Christ is delivered clear and concise, regardless of the listener’s preference of music, or style of ministry.

When speaking, Curvine utilizes humor, passion, and urgency to deliver Christ-centered and unadulterated truth. So whether preaching for a congregation of adults, performing a concert for a stadium full of teenagers, or teaching a classroom of young adult leaders,  Curvine’s unique gift of communication literally shatters every cultural, generational, and denominational wall in the room.

A graduate of both Sandhills Teen Challenge in North Carolina (2004), and Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas TX(2008), Curvine Ministries operates under the spiritual covering of Calvary Church in Irving Texas, and it’s Senior Pastors, Dr. J. Don George and Ben W. Dailey.

In the past 8 years, Curvine has had the privilege to minister alongside internationally renowned artists, bands, and speakers such as Israel Houghton, Hillsong UNITED, Planet Shakers, Carl Lentz, Lecrae, Kari Jobe, Kim Walker-Smith, Reggie Dabbs, Dr. Chris Hill, Reinhard Bonnke, John Gray, Eddie James, Jesus Culture, Robert Madu, and too many others to list.

Curvine currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his lovely wife and childhood friend, Candace, and their 2 small children, Lyric and Legend.

Death to Chains


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08 May 2015

Friends & Family,

Hi there! I pray that all is well with you. I wanted to reach out and send you a long-overdue (and just plain LONG) update on the Death to Chains project. I’m sure many of you have been scratching your heads and wondering, when in the world is this thing going to happen? :) Well, let’s start from the beginning. During the time that God first placed this idea on the hearts of my wife and I, we received an almost identical prophetic word from our friends, Cindy Jacobs and Deanna Graves (founder of Traffick 911). The word was something like, “If you guys are really going to take this thing on and be a voice for these women and children, then you better get ready. Because Satan is going to come at you with everything he’s got”. So we hid that word in our hearts, and proceeded to launch the project. Around the time of our very first meeting, I received news that my father had suffered a major brain anuerism that almost took his life. This was the first major attack of many that would come over this next season.

As you are aware, we did raise a substansial amount of support during our IndieGoGo campaign, however we were roughly $10,000 short of hitting our goal of $40,000. Needless to say, with fundraising fees, engineering costs, video production, PR campaigns, website design, and other expenses, that $30,000 went quickly. But we had everything we needed to get started, so our team began working effortlessly in the studio to get the album into production. It was around this same time, though, that it seemed like the floor fell out from beneath us. My father’s health declined drastically, leaving him totally paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak. My baby brother, who has battled drug addiction for the past 15 years, overdosed 3 times, one of which almost claimed his life. One of my closest childhood friends was brutally murdered leaving 5 children behind. Grandma Carter, the matriarch and “glue” of my wife’s family, got terribly sick and within a few short months digressed to the point of passing away. Multiple trips to North Carolina for hospital visits and funerals took a huge financial toll on my family. Not to mention the thousands of dollars out of our own pockets that we invested into the Death to Chains project to make up for the budget deficit. It literally felt like our world was falling apart.

While all of this was going on in our personal lives, things were no better with the project. Due to situations out of his control, my primary producer and engineer for the Death to Chains album backed out of the project and was unable to complete it. After months of hunting for a new producer to finish the record, I then receive news that the studio I had been using for the past 6 months was being shut down and relocated. You almost have to laugh about it at this point. :) However, one of the most disheartening challenges that we faced last year was discovering that a few of our partnerships would have to be dissolved. This due to numerous reasons, ranging from small issues such as divided vision and organizations miscommunicating their purpose to us; to larger hurdles like certain groups demanding exclusive rights to the Death to Chains concept (trying to buy me out); and sadly even hearing of possible discrepancies in the practices of a few organizations, who’s names I will not mention.

Needless to say, we have had turmoil, heartache, and stress on every side for the past 2 years, and one may call it being “overly spiritual”, but I do believe that my family has been under spiritual attack since the inception of this project. However, I do know that everything we experience in this world is “Father-filtered”. I know there’s always a purpose behind the pain, and I also know that in HIS timing, He makes all things beautifull. Which is why I am so excited about this next season! As many of you may have already heard, I will be moving to Lafayette LA the first of June to serve Crossroads Church as their Staff Evangelist. This church is home to an amazing school of ministry known as XMC, who has adopted the Death to Chains Campaign as apart of their school’s evangelistic outreach and creative outlet.

Once in Lafayette, I will have access to a state of the art recording studio, a handful of brilliant engineers, professional musicians, and a team of 50 young adults who are committed to the vision of seeing lives set free from the bondage of slavery! And get this, XMC has a sister school in Romania, where XMC students are sent multiple times a year to work in the Red Light Districts loving, rescuing, and empowering young men and women caught in the web of sex slavery! It is simply amazing to think that what started out as an album and a short film to raise money is now blossoming into an integral part of a leadership school, complete with curriculum, evangelistic discipleship, and an opportunity for students to travel both domestically and abroad fighting the issue of human trafficking in a real and tangible way! Oh, and to make things even better, as of yesterday I have secured an extremely talented producer based in Atlanta to complete the album. I’m all smiles :)

Due to all of the transition involving the move, my new job, and a busy Summer on the road, I’m apprehensive to provide a solid timeline at the moment. However, with so many key elements already in place (a producer, studio, etc), it is safe to say that the record will most definitely be completed by the Fall, and that excites me to the point of tears. All incentives from the campaign, including shirts, skype sessions, etc. will be fulfilled over the course of the next few months. An updated website and social media presence will go into action a little later in the year. I will also be sharing an update video within the next few weeks that will go into more detail around the tweaks that we’ve made to the execution of the tour and additional organizations that we’re supporting alongside Stella’s Voice.

All in all, we just want to say thanks to each and every one of you. Your stand for freedom and justice inspires us, and your support has been amazing! Life literally hit my family like a storm, and sometimes during those tough seasons, it’s all you can do to buckle down, turn your faith up to 100, and face the waves head-on. However, you can never forget why you started the journey in the first place. It is our heart’s desire, and has always been, to see those held captive, in every sense of the word, walking in freedom and complete healing. And come storm or no storm at all, that one resolve will never change. We love and appreciate you, dearly.
For the Broken,

Curvine & Candace





 Robert Madu

Robert Madu Casual Promo 2012-fixedCurvine is a one of the most creative communicators to this generation. His music and message is powerful and brings conviction. The unique way in which he delivers the gospel makes him unparalleled to any other artist. His biblically grounded lyrics coupled with a culturally relevant multi-media presentation of the gospel connects to all ages & people.

Robert Madu





 Kim Walker-Smith

I had the pleasure of meeting and ministering with Curvine for the first time in 2008.  At that time, I was blown away by his energy, creativity, and zeal for this generation to meet Jesus. But what impressed me the most, was talking to him offstage. He is a man who walks in great humility and honors everyone around him.  His heart to serve is clear in all he says and does.  Since then, both my husband and myself have been blessed to know and grow with Curvine and his beautiful wife, Candace, on a more personal level. Every time we are with them, they are growing in creativity and vision. We love their family, believe in them, and value their uncompromising message. They are genuine, they are bold, and they are true leaders. We will most definitely see Curvine leave his mark in the history of this generation.

Kim Walker-Smith
International Recording Artist / Songwriter
Jesus Culture


RegReggie Dabbs

The message that can change a life remains the same, BUT the method has to be able to capture the mind, heart, and soul of a man. With a unique and creative ability to reach people of all ages, colors, and sizes, Curvine is that method that carries the message of the cross to this generation.

Reggie Dabbs
International Youth / Motivational Speaker



Jeanne Mayo

Curvine and his beautiful wife, Candace, entered my life in 2006, and there began the start of an amazing journey together. Curvine’s ministry has made a huge “mark” in my own personal heart and the youth ministry I direct in Atlanta.  Curvine’s unique and riveting ability to communicate through humor, transparency, and relevance, not only connects with young people, but has been proven effective in challenging and inspiring even the most “seasoned” of saints. Whether rapping or preaching, his services are so laced with passion and creativity that they are honestly more of a Christ-honoring “experience”— than they are “another church service.” And most importantly, he loves and honors his family above all else and is a man of integrity, both on and off the stage.

Jeanne Mayo
International Communicator /
President of Youth Leaders Coach /
Author / Youth Pastor



Montell Jordan

I am a friend and personal fan of Curvine. His love for God and people is evident and authentic, and his musicality and creativity is inspiring and influential. His character off the platform is what is so magnetic and infectious about him and his vision makes him an effective leader of today’s youth. Curvine Brewington is a premiere artist, lyricist and a compelling worshipper whose platform presence and expression far supersede the word performance. His worship is unforgettable. Curvine Ministries is now focused on human trafficking with the Death To Chains Campaign, and supporters like Victory World Music and myself look to align music ministry with purpose to abolish modern day slavery. Simply put, “dude is nice.”

Montell Jordan
Worship Pastor Victory Church in Atlanta


daileyBen Dailey

Curvine is more than a communicator, he is a young man who knows how to connect. He crosses culture boundaries with use of relevant music and media. But more importantly, he displays the message of grace in a way for all to understand. As a pastor in his life, I admire him not only on stage, but also in his role as a husband and a father. I whole-heartedly recommend him.”

 Ben Dailey
Lead Pastor, Author
Calvary Church, Irving Texas


jonJon Catron

Curvine is the real deal!  His talent on stage is matched by his character off the stage. In each setting that we have had him minister, at camps or youth convention, he has connected incredibly and ministered effectively. His heart for this generation comes out in his music and when he just lets go and “preaches”!  He will honor your wishes, time parameters and venue guidelines for your particular event and serve with a humble heart. I am honored to call him friend and to recommend this anointed man of God.

Jon Catron
District Youth Director
North Texas District / Assemblies of God




Lloyd Zeigler

I have seen firsthand the tremendous impact of Curvine’s ministry in churches, on the streets, and in every area of Master’s Commission, from small groups to the thousands who attend our annual conference. His unique approach in presenting the gospel consumes the attention of the culture that long ago stopped listening. I believe God has anointed him as a kind of Pied Piper for a generation, to lead people to a deeper walk with Christ with the very tool the devil twisted in an attempt to keep them from Him. I believe wholeheartedly in the man, Curvine, and the ministry of Christ Culture.

Pastor Lloyd Zeigler
Founder and President of Master’s Commission International
Author / Evangelist / Senior Pastor of Relevant Church in Addison TX



Young B photos of PJC 008-fixed-1Jaycee Jennings

It is with great privilege and honor that I get the opportunity to recommend the ministry of Curvine Brewington to your next ministry event. As a mentor to this seasoned minister, I have had the opportunity to see him on and off the stage as someone who has the character, anointing and talent to minister with integrity to this generation. Whether using the art form of illustrated rap and story-telling or using his skill of communication through preaching, Curvine consistently captivates his audience with biblical truths that highlight the heart of God. This devout family man is sure to be a wonderful role model to all who come in contact with his ministry and I know that anyone who partners with him will be blessed beyond measure.

Pastor Jaycee Jennings
Director of Youth for the Nations Camps and Conferences
Generational Specialist/Evangelist/Personal Mentor

Sal and Debby

Sal & Debby DiBianca

As Curvine’s spiritual parents we have witnessed, firsthand, the transformation Jesus Christ has made in his life that has made him the man of character he is today. Curvine possesses a passion for Christ, the church, and the lost, that is displayed and effectively communicated in his every day life as well as through his music and preaching. We whole heartedly and without reservation recommend Curvine Ministries.

Sal & Debby DiBianca
Directors of Sandhills Teen Challenge


There’s no crowd or ministry opportunity that could ever outshine the fulfillment of making disciples. It’s been the heartbeat of Curvine Ministries since before it’s conception 8 years ago, which is why my wife and I decided to launch Culture Create. Culture Create is a hands-on internship opportunity with Curvine Ministries designed to help shape and sharpen emerging leaders who share the vision and desire to creatively and strategically impact and transform our world. In addition to seeing, and helping, facilitate the behind the scenes mechanisms of Curvine Ministries, interns will be challenged to reach their full potential of who God has called them to be. Through one on one mentoring with Curvine, Candace, ministry partners, and generational leaders that have impacted their personal lives, you will be trained and equipped in a real and practical way. Traditional classroom settings are ok, but our approach to mentoring has always taken on a “doing life” model. Where the “best seat in the class” is during trips to the grocery store, dinners at our place, time spent with our children, and traveling with us to various engagements and having hands-on ministry experience. So if you’re ready to serve and ready to grow, then take a minute to fill out the form below and somebody will be in contact with you ASAP!


– You must be at least 18 years of age, and live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex (or plan on moving here in the near future)



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Curvine’s Merch Promo


Candace and I are so thankful for your consideration in partnering with Curvine Ministries. It’s the support and commitment of our partners that enable us to continue sharing the love of Christ with a broken world. Anyone who knows the two of us personally will tell you that we are BIG on relationship and covenant. To us, partnership is so much more than “supporting a good cause”. It’s also more than a one-time event. Partnership is a necessary covenant between a ministry and it’s friends, in which we grow and dream together. It’s a commitment that allows us to share in the blessings promised to us when we link arms for the sake of seeing the Kingdom of God advanced. In partnering with us, you’ll be distinguishing yourself as somebody committed to Curvine Ministries and one who shares it’s vision to infiltrate then reshape culture, and to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in a relevant, creative, and strategic fashion.

I believe, together, we can impact culture with the redemptive power of God’s love and see miraculous things take place in our world! There is power in partnership and as our ministry grows, so will you. That is our prayer. Thank you, once again, for considering partnering and sowing seed into our ministry. Your world needs you…

For the broken,





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